Thea's Specialties - Tarot and Dream Interpretation

From Thea:
At a very young age I had spiritual and psychic experiences such as astral travel, sensing spirits, and precognitive dreams. From the time I was four years old I knew I would always study dreams. As a teen I began mastering the art of Tarot Cards which was a strong calling.

I now have more than thirty years experience with Dream-work, Dream Interpretation, and Tarot Readings. I would describe my relationship with the cards now as them being my dear old friends. I also have knowledge of numerology and daily astrological transits which helps inform my readings. I have done readings at the Maryland Renaissance Festival since 1993. With Tarot Readings: I am easy going and willing to discuss all subjects with an open mind. I am good with relationship and love life questions, as well as, financial and career readings. I can read with specific questions or give a reading without a question. Every reading I do contains a main message that comes through above and beyond any question asked.

For Dreamers: I love to analyze and interpret dreams. I can teach you how to better remember your dreams. I can also teach you how to develop the ability to have lucid dream experiences which are a profound means of personal spiritual exploration.

Working with people's dreams and/or doing readings for them is like reading a fascinating book about each individual person's life. I am honored to help you design your next chapter.

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  • What is Tarot reading?
    Tarot reading is a form of divination (or telling the future and/or the present) by using cards that have pictures on them that show the "archetypes" of life or the basic symbols of our experiences (such as family, home, work, dissapointment, joy, love, etc.). Each reader has their own way of working with the deck.

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