Ariana Lightningstorm (aka Anna Snodgrass)

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Ariana's NEW Lipsology, Tarot, Palmistry and Handwriting Analysis

Ariana has been a sought after professional/corporate, private, and party reader/entertainer for over 33 years. Her newest reading technique is called Lipsology - the Art of Lip Print Reading. Using kiss cards made specifically for your event, Ariana collects your guests’ kisses and shares their personality traits, energy levels, emotions, and clarifies their current situations.  Ariana is one of 6 people world-wide that have been certified in Lipsology and the only one currently on the East Coast. WANT UNIQUE ENTERTAINMENT at your party? Want Buzz that will last for a long time to come?  You've found it!  You bring the lips and Ariana brings the lipstick and a great sense of humor to get your guests laughing and wanting more.  With 25 categories of lip prints and over 100 sub-categories, Ariana can amaze you and your guests with her accuracy.  Ideal for bridal showers, birthday parties, corporate entertainment and much more!  Contact Ariana to learn more about this fun and entertaining type of reading. 
Ariana also is a palmist, tarot reader and graphologist (handwriting analysis)
Tarot - Ariana got her first Tarot deck when she was 10 years old. Her professional career began as a reader at the MD Renaissance Festival and she has used her skills as a reader to clarify the current situations of her clients and help them to find their way to a more joyful and fulfilled future ever since.
Palmistry - Ariana started reading palms at 14 and teaches palmistry as well around the US. 
Handwriting Analysis (Graphology) - As a handwriting analyst Ariana has worked at places such as the International Spy Museum impressing and amazing guests with her skills.

Ariana reads Lip Prints, Tarot, Palms and does Handwriting Analysis at corporate and private parties as well as individual readings from her home in Bowie, MD or on Wednesdays (1:30 to 7:00 pm) at Sacred Circle Books in Old Town Alexandria.

NEW! Ariana also entertains “virtually” with SKYPE parties where you can hire her to entertain at your party from anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection. 

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Contact Ariana for an individual reading, party or event by calling: 301-509-0657 or email her at .